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The other German Jews

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März 30., 2005

09:04 pm
You know what? This Journal has been dead for exactly 3 months *cries* Please make it come back!!!!

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Dezember 30., 2004

10:29 am
Well today is sad for all. I am announcing the death of the Jermishlim faith, but there is still hope for it.It may rise again but chances of that happening is like 0-1 Oh well it was good while it lasted..........

~Former Jermishlim Leader/Founder/CPT~

If anyone tries to make a new Jermishlim Faith you will die!!!

Only me and my co-Founder (Jessi Hodges) Can make it rise again so yeah

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Juli 17., 2004

04:37 pm
The other jermihslim comm. got deleted so heres the new one.....Im the same person btw.

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